A Note Regarding Retconning

Hello all,

Just providing a quick update, and wishing everyone a happy new year.

Work on conversion to the new Visual Novel style is more than halfway complete and should be on track to finish by the start of next month with any luck. With the removal of AI Art from the project, I still need to replace those assets, but I will leave that till the conversion is finished.

With regard to retconning the story, I have been making minor changes as I went along, to improve the flow of the story. However, as I am reaching the final passages of the game, I've realized I'm not entirely satisfied with how the story finishes, as such, I will be semi-significantly changing the ending. I won't spoil exactly what I'm changing in case anyone who has yet to play the game is reading this, but I will say that the change will affect the relationship between two central characters. My aim in doing so is to make the story feel less rushed, and also to improve the congruency of one of the character's behavior and actions.

Thanks for reading.

- Christopher M.

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